Know Your Boundaries.


What is the difference between a boundary survey and a mortgage survey?
A: A mortgage report is preformed for a lending institution, to map the relationship of the buildings and improvements to the boundary. No property corners are marked, or stakes set on the site.
    A boundary survey is preformed to physically mark the title lines on the ground. Property corners are marked with iron stakes in the ground with stakes set along side. Long lines are marked with stakes set every 150 - 200 feet.

Why do I have to supply my property description to get a cost estimate for a survey?
A: The property description provides us with all of the information needed to compile a cost estimate for a particular piece of property, such as:
    How large is the parcel?
    How far is it from our office?
    What previous surveys have we done in the same area?                 

Do I need to be present when my land is surveyed?
A:  No, when your survey is complete, the corners and lines of your property will be very well marked so they can be readily found when you return home. However, if you wish to be present, arrangements can be made.

How long does it usually take to get the results of my survey?
A:  The length varies with the size and type of survey, and also depends on our workload at the time. We try very hard to be honest and upfront about the length of time that will be required. Most lot size surveys can be completed within a couple of weeks of receipt of a signed work order.

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